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Anti-splash automobile fender/PE grass carpet production line

Automobile fender is also called anti-splash automobile fender and Energy absorption type anti-splash device.
The auto fender can effectively prevent the mud, sand, rain splashing from the tire and protects the paint of body.

The new type of automobile fender which made by Qingdao Tent Machinery Co.,Ltd.It is designed to provide a heavy truck with PE grass new fender device,
Can be very good to prevent the earth, sand, rain splashing everywhere;In addition, the whole device is made of engineering plastic material, which is easy to operate, quality is light, long service life.

The grass is also called gold rush grass.
Called: gold rush grass, gold carpet, gold adhesive cloth, gold carpet, gold carpet, gold felt, felt, solid gold blanket, gold grass, gold sucking grass, gold panning felt, artificial turf, etc

This production line also called plastic grass production line/grass carpaet production line/plastic grass carpet equipment/plastic grass coiled material production line/plastic gold rush grass equipment/artifical grass carpet production line and so on