Carpet mattress equipment
Coating and scraping carpet production line

Coating and scraping carpet production line also called tufted carpet lanimation machine .
The productionline consists of vacuum glue mixing system, Teflon transmission system, plasticizing oven, tensioning device, coating and scraping device, unwinding device, pressing device, air cooling system, dehumidification system, heating system, pneumatic; infrared correction system, winding system, electric control system and auxiliary equipment.
Carpet benefits:
1. High density striped jacquard surface, PVC bottom for longer carpet life
2. The dust and moisture of sand absorbing material can keep the ground clean and beautiful, improve the air quality and improve the sound insulation effect.
3. The carpet is soft pavement material, which is not easy to slide and bump, and has good anti slip property. It is especially important for children and the elderly at home.
4. The product is safe, non-toxic, clean and convenient. Customers are assured to buy.
5. The product is simple and atmospheric, and it is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, conference halls and other occasions