Carpet mattress equipment
PVC coil mat production line

PVC coil mat production line produced plastic spinning-silk carpet, also known as Polaroid mat, plastic wire, foam negative composite molding.The products are soft, aging resistant, easy to clean and easy to use. They are mainly used in shops, public places, homes, hospitals, elevators, staircases, gyms and offices.The products are made of environment-friendly high-quality PVC material with bright and durable color and not easy to fade.The spring of foot pad with silk ring is designed by oneself, it feels soft and comfortable to tread and easy to clean.
Monochrome spinneret mat needs two extruders, one extruder, the other extruder plate, online composite forming.Mainly used for door mat, foot mat and so on.
Two-color spinneret mat, need three extruders, two extruders, another extruder plate, line to be formed.Mainly used in the production of automobile floor MATS
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Pvc cushion car mats are made of PVC , calcium powder and other raw materials, which are plasticized by an extruder, die, silk board and oven, etc., to produce a PVC ring shaped foot mat.
Usually separate single color mat and double color mat.Mat front is loop shape,down layer is PVC sheet

The cushion car mat equipment designed by our company is also called the PVC Coil mat machine, with advanced technology, stable performance, large oven and high efficiency, which saves electricity and coal energy for customers.

With a little remould, this equipment can produce spinneret carpet, used for door mat, advertising mat, etc.

The product of this equipment has the following advantages:

1. Comfort • Durability
The surface layer of dense fiber nap is elastic and comfortable to collapse. It is more relaxed and comfortable to ride for a long time.PVC material super capricious, will not produce creases, but also can prevent high strength wear and tear, durable.
Safety • Non-slip
The surface fibers absorb rain from the shoes and melt water, preventing slippage.Special anti-skid "soft spike" design at the bottom, super strong grip, prevent movement, ensure driving safety.

3. The spinneret carpet is made of natural PVC, which is completely free from peculiar smell and harmful to health.