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PP coil fish- farming water filter production line

fish pond filter material fish tank water purification material production line


Filtered water purification, high efficiency and durabilit
Strong adsorption to remove peculiar smell

Quickly adsorb fine residues, decompose them and purify water quality, so as to enhance fish immunity

Strong water permeability

The internal structure is connected by gaps, with high permeability, fast water replacement speed, and multi-layer stacking does not affect the water circulation.

Coil water filter is a kind of filter material made of polymer plastic silk thread by irregular winding and pressing. After winding, the surface area of the plastic wire is very small, which is larger than that of the plastic wire. The water flow here becomes extremely tortuous and slow. Therefore, it creates favorable conditions for bacterial attachment and breeding, and is a good carrier for culturing bacteria.

Biochemical water filter can also make you clear the ecological water quality. When the rattan cotton is superimposed in the filtration stage, it will block the stain residue in the water body. Subtle stains will also be decomposed and purified by digestive bacteria on other surfaces of the filter cotton, so the effect of superimposing the filter cotton according to the feeding density is better.